Charles Manson autographed PERSONAL CHECK!



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Incredibly Rare bank check. You will not find a bank check anywhere else simply because Charles Manson never had a checking account- spending most of his life in prison for petty crimes and than the crimes that shocked the world when the Manson family murdered Sharon Tate and others in 1969. This bank check, according to the source, was created by a collector and person who knew and visited Charles Manson for 15 years in prison. According to this same source it took five years before Manson agreed to meet with him. During their friendship the collector created a legitimate bank account for Charles Manson. His intent was to get checks, as seen here, and take them into prison during one of his visits. He further stated shortly after doing this the FBI showed up at his house wanting to know what he was doing and why he opened up a business with Charles Manson. According to the source the account was shut down and only a few checks were filled out and signed by Manson. The checks were never cashed but instead filled out by Manson for memorabilia purposes by his friend. This check is dated Aug 22, 1969 (although it was actually signed in the 1990s but the 1969 date goes back to the gruesome murders that were committed.) Filled out in Manson’s hand; “Charles Manson” for one million dollars. Then signed again boldly at the bottom by Charles Manson.


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