Terms & Conditions

A Sign Of The Times Certificate Of Authenticity is assigned to every piece of our memorabilia and is accompanied by the unique numbered tamper-proof matching hologram to the one affixed to the item. The Certificate Of Authenticity includes a description of the item and unconditionally guarantees the authenticity of your celebrity autograph.

The Sign Of The Times Certificate Of Authenticity 100% guarantees the authenticity of the celebrity autograph as long as the tamper-proof hologram is intact. Any tampering or fragmenting of the hologram will invalidate the authenticity of the celebrity autograph. We offer a no questions asked full money back refund to any customer within 10 days of purchase.

While we make every effort to describe flaws that materially affect appearance and value, we generally do not specify minor or routine flaws, such as (but not limited to) pencil or secretarial notations, mailing folds to letters, normal aging to paper, or tiny bends or creases from normal handling. We encourage prospective buyers to examine the image(s) of each item closely and to contact us with specific inquiries regarding condition.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return your item within ten days of receipt. To expedite the refund process, please include a copy of the shipping invoice that was enclosed with the order. Refunds exclude all shipping and handling costs. Returned merchandise is subject to a 20% restocking fee unless reduced by a management representative. Please call with any questions or for further information.

Returns will only be accepted if the individual identifying hologram is untampered, undamaged, and unmoved. Any and all guarantees, whether express or implied, extend to the original purchaser only, and only for as long as the original purchaser retains possession of the piece. Sign Of The Times will only entertain challenges to authenticity from independent, certified examiners. This means that if the original purchaser furnishes Sign Of The Times with a written statement from a properly qualified handwriting examiner/expert acceptable to both parties challenging the authenticity of any autograph, we will refund the original purchase price upon the return of the autographed item in as shipped condition. The inspection of the item must be done in person and not evaluated using the internet or scans or photos.It can not be a standard rejection form letter used by dealers for items you are attempting to sell to them.

All items are sold "As Is" and liability is specifically limited to the original purchase price. There is no guarantee nor liability as to unintended or consequential damages.

Please note: Any and all returned items must be received in the same, fully salable condition as originally shipped by Sign Of The Times, including all Statements, Letters, and/or Certificates of Authenticity, framing/display, and any other materials shipped with the purchases, as well as untampered, undamaged, and unmoved identifying holograms. All merchandise belongs to the purchaser until inspection and approval of the returned item by Sign Of The Times, and we further recommend that all returning packages be insured for full purchase value. Of course, any and all refunds are subject to identification, confirmation of condition and authenticity, and are at Sign Of The Times sole discretion.